Paediatric Emergency First Aid

This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to become a paediatric first aider in the workplace with a responsibility for the welfare of infants and children. This qualification is intended for learners already working or preparing to work in the industry and registering as a childminder or working in a childcare setting.

Learners gaining this qualification will know that first aid is the responsibility of everyone involved in the working environment. Topics within this course are regarded by the Early Years Foundation Stage as being important to maintaining good practice in the safe, prompt and effective treatment of injuries and ill health of infants and children who are under the care of trained personnel.

This qualification meets the requirements for Paediatric First Aid outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

By attending this training you will be able to confidently and effectively manage a baby or child that;

  • Is unconscious and breathing

  • Is unconscious and not breathing

  • Is bleeding

  • Is choking

  • Is suffering with shock

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